Welcome to TLC


TLC Mission, Vision, and Common Commitments


Our mission is to empower each member of our learning community to seek, seize, and sustain opportunities, achieve at high levels, and graduate prepared to lead productive and meaningful lives.


Each member of our learning community is an empowered problem solver, inventor, innovator, and leader who improves self, school, community; and graduates a life-ready contributor to solving global issues.


Common Commitments: 

We commit to—

  • create a learning community that redefines the future of schooling by providing students with college/career experiences (in addition to readiness);
  • empower student voice and leadership;
  • individualize learning experiences for student success—creating success for every student every day
  • measure growth of the whole child via cognitive, conative, and affective domains;
  • provide project/problem-based instruction that allows for a distinctively different interaction between teachers, field professionals, colleges, families, and community;
  • integrate content via interdisciplinary efforts;
  • review and act upon up-to-date feedback on student progress via standards-based assessment and professional student portfolios;
  • empower all stakeholders to utilize their gifts/talents to positively impact community and world;
  • provide anytime/anywhere learning opportunities;
  • build, monitor, continuously improve, and share alternative assessment models, student outcomes, and data;
  • build a system that values the process of growth in programs, ideas, and individuals by encouraging experimentation and global sharing of ideas;
  • develop workplace ready soft skills;
  • advance holistic wellness of our students;
  • hold one another accountable to the highest level of professionalism, service, and leadership to our learning community;
  • communicate with colleagues on successes and areas for growth in a wrap-around support systems;
  • utilize technology as a tool to learn and create products;
  • embed social responsibility and a sense of “paying it forward” in our daily interactions;
  • promote and maintain a physically, socially, and psychologically safe environment that values a tone of decency;
  • cooperatively and collectively collect data, plan, problem-solve, and continuously improve our program;
  • build relationships that encourage and mentor students towards finding their life mission
  • communicate student successes and growth opportunities to families with frequency and regularity
  • being the best world-class model of alternative education